How to make money from blogging

how to make money from blogging

In this article i want to share with you the secrets of How to make money from blogging, and also how to become a successful blogger.

Before i start let me share this little true life story with you.

Earlier this year my 3 years old son was preparing for their career day in school, and each kid was meant to wear a career custom.

My wife asked my son, what do you want to become in future? he responded a Doctor.

She ask, what does mummy do for a living? he said Doctor.

Then she ask, what does daddy do, my son looked at me and said, daddy is always pressing computer. I couldn’t stop laughing. But my wife didn’t find it funny, and asked me what should he tell them i do for a living.

I said, tell them i am a successful blogger and i make more money sitting at home and pressing computer.

My name is Uncle Mark, i am a proud blogger and i want to share with you the secrets on how to make money from blogging.

I started blogging in 2015, but didn’t make any money until October 2016. Within 5 months i had made over $3000 from only advertising.

Attached picture is my Google AdSense earning for my first five months.

How to make money from blog

But trust me AdSense is the least of my blog’s revenue source

What I am about to share, some successful bloggers might either not tell you or charge you huge amount of money for it.

In my 2 years as a blogger I have successfully figured out how to effectively monetize any kind of blog in Africa especially in Nigeria. Thanks to Yaro Stark who is responsible for my blog success story.

How to make money from blogging.

1. Choose the right blog topic

There are two kinds of blogs;

Professional Blogs
News Blogs

Professional blogs are a blogs about an experts experience in a particular topic or field e.g. dating, health of finance.

News Blogs are like online magazines or newspapers. A typical example of this kind of blog is that of Nigeria’s celebrated blogger Linda Ikeji (my mentor).

News blogs are very difficult for an individual to maintain, because it is time consuming and you must be on top of the latest news and post plenty articles each day.

They require large volumes of traffic before you can make money via advertising.

My Blog is a News Blog, which I update every day. Now you can see why i didn’t make any money from advertising in my first year. Because no traffic no earnings. This is one of the reasons why must bloggers fail when they start it.

Professional Blog is the best kind of blog, because it’s about your expertise in a field, and its very easy to maintain.

You don’t need to have huge traffic to be successful (i will explain later) neither do you need to break the latest news like Sahara Reporters.

All you need is high quality contents, which you can publish once or twice a week and earn good income. Spending less than 2 hours a day managing it on like News Blog.

Below are the 3 Mega Processional Blog topics that can earn you a full time income.

Dating & Relationship
Health & Wellness
Money & Finance

As a start-up blogger don’t be discouraged because a popular blogger is blogging about your topic of expertise.

Competition is a good source of traffic. Right now my blog doesn’t rank in the first page of Google for my niche, but I am doing very well. If you are good, you are good.

Let me explain what i mean by “Competition is a good source of Traffic”

No doubt, Linda Ikeji is the No. 1 blogger in Nigeria, her blog covers every aspect of daily news.

For instance you want to start a blog, instead of trying to do what Linda is already doing, narrow down your topic to let’s say Nollywood Gossips.

Then create a sponsored ads that will target Linda Ikeji’s audience that are interested in Nollywood movies and direct them to your blog.

When these visitors arrive your Nollywood Gossip blog, they will not leave. This is because rather than go to Linda‘s blog where they will likely get lost with lots of other news posts, they will stick to your blog where they get exactly what they want .

For example, I want to eat hot Amala & Ewedu soup with shaki and kpomo. Mr Bigg’s might have it, but I rather go to Iya Bassira buka to eat it. Do you understand?

You can blog about dating in your 40s rather then blogging about dating in general.

Let’s take another instance, Instead of trying to be like Sahara Reporters, concentrate on your State news. Blog only about the news in your State. Be the number source of news in your State. Before you know it all the major news networks both nationally and internationally will rely on you to confirm news reports from your State.

Please don’t get me wrong. With good content, authentic news source, financial muscle and the right digital marketing team by your side, you can outshine the very top bloggers including Sahara or Linda and even me.

2. Website Traffic

Quality Content + Marketing = Your Traffic Source

Now that you have selected a blog topic, the next step is to write Corner Stone contents and promote them using the right communication channels.

Corner Stone contents or articles are the foundation of a good blog. This contents are the values you offer to the public. These are articles that will attract attention and engage audiences.

Types of Corner Stone contents

The List post eg. List of top bloggers in Nigeria
The Definition blogs eg. What is ketosis?
How to‘s e.g How to stop Windows 8 from using too much internet data.


The best form of marketing or communicating your blog contents to generate traffic is via Digital Marketing. You can also share your blog contents on your social media platforms or you can use sponsored ads to promote the contents.

The key to my marketing success was Sponsored ads.

3. The money comes from your SUBSCRIBER – Your Email List

The sad trust is that every new blogger wants to get an Adsense account. When their application is denied they get disappointed and quit blogging. Some get lucky and their account is approved, but they fail to make $50 a month because of low traffic. They eventually get frustrated and give up.

Others might take a bold step and contact some companies to buy ads space on their blogs, but with no positive response.

In my first year I almost gave up, until I discovered my money comes from my Subscribers.

how to become a successfully blogger

Let me explain it to you.

You have got your Adsense account approved for your blog. With 100 website visitors everyday you might not make up to N10,000 in a month with Adsense.

But with 10 loyal subscribers can earn more than N30,000 monthly. How you may ask?

You are professional in fitness and wellness and your blog has 100 subscribers. You send a mail to them about your weight loss class which will cost N5,000 for a duration of 30 days.
10 of the 100 subscribers decide to sign up for the class.

That is N50,000 in 30 day.

Same applies to all kinds of Professional Blogs. You can charge for your services, physical products such as shoes, bags anything to your subscribers.

So with a traffic of 100 monthly active visitors you can make more money than someone with 1000 visitors who uses Adsense.

This is how I did it.

I used sponsored ads to drive traffic to my site, when the visitors arrive I urge them subscribe to my newsletter for special offers.

Let’s say 5000 people visited my website in 1 month via the sponsored ads, and 1000 decided to subscribe to my email list.

At the start of the new month, I send them an email about my products or services. E.g N5000/month. Because I have earned their trust over time with my quality contents, 200 out of the 1000 subscribers will decided to buy.

That is 200 x N5000 = N100,000 monthly income.

Just from your subscribers not AdSense or any form of advertising. They will buy because they trust you.

The key to turning your blog in to a revenue source is not AdSense or a million monthly visitors, but your loyal subscribers who believe in you as an expert in your blog topic.

As you are reading this now, i don’t have Adsense on my blog, because it doesn’t earn me as much as I want.

The most important requirement to become a successful blogger is good content. Contents that will attract attention, engage and add value to your audiences.

Also don’t just blog because of the money, blog because you care about the people. Satisfy the people and the money will come.

Please don’t chase away potential subscribers with disturbing adverts if the ads are not generating enough money. New visitors hates sites with disturbing ads and may leave without subscribing.

When your blog starts hitting 10,000 monthly visitors then you can add advertising.
You can then make additional monthly income either via AdSense or direct ads sale.

Just two months back I sold my very first ad space for $600/month.

Why most blogs fail?

  • Do not be motivated by money or start a blog about making money online when you haven’t.
  • Do not choose the wrong blog topic.
  • Concentrate on one blog at a time.
  • Blogging is not easy money, it’s takes good content, marketing and loyal subscribers.

Need help to set up your blog?



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