How to avoid suspension on all the Twitter accounts you manage


In this post i will show you How to unlink Twitter accounts in other to avoid suspension or temporal lock on all the accounts you manage.

Twitter gives us the unique feature to manage multiple accounts from Twitter for iOS or Android app, and on desktop,, Twitter Lite, and Twitter for Windows.

The feature make it easily for us to manage our personal account and any other brand accounts we represent.

But there is a disadvantage to this if some Twitter setting are not switched off. The disadvantage is that when one of these account violates twitter rules and get suspended or temporarily locked out, it often times affect all the other accounts you manage.

This can be very frustrating because, you don’t just lose your personal account but all the accounts you manage.

So the question is How does Twitter even know these accounts are linked?

Twitter does this by personalization based on your inferred identity.

“When you log in to Twitter on a browser or device, we associate that browser or device with your Twitter account.”

Now if you have multiple account logged  on a particular browser or device, Twitter not only associate that browser or device with your Twitter account, but also links those accounts together.

To confirm this on your mobile device

  • Click settings and privacy
  • Click account
  • Click Twitter Data
  • Click Account, devices & information
  • Click Apps, devices & information “enter password”

Here, it shows you the total numbers of devices you have login in from.

Now switch to another account you manage, and check the Click Apps, devices & information you will see the same exact info from the other accounts you manage.

Luckily we can control whether to allow Twitter  “Personalize based on your inferred identity”

To disable this setting on your mobile device

  • Click Settings and Privacy
  • Click Privacy and Safety
  • Scroll down, Under Personalisation and Data – Click Personalisation and Data
  • Under Check “Personalise based on your inferred identity

Now if you go Click Apps, devices & information, this is what you will get

The feature have been successfully switched off.

Now if one account violate Twitter rules, the other account you manage don’t suffer same fate.

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Feel free to drop comments.





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