Twitter account restriction to suspension (Solved)



It was on the 16th of March, two days to my birthday when I got this restriction prompt on my Twitter app, that I should verify my account (@Kinging_David) before continuing to Twitter. Ewooo! In my mind, it’s the usual prompt to confirm if I’m not a robot or something.

To my ultimate surprise, I saw another prompt that I should ‘verify my phone number’ stating they’ll call me with a verification code. I clicked on the ‘Call me’ prompt severally but it keeps bringing ‘sorry, the requested failed. Please try again later.’  Kilon occur gangan!

This was when I discovered this isn’t a joke meehn. I rebooted my phone thinking it was probably my line having connection issues but all to no avail, even after trying again the following day na back to zero point.

I discussed with an influencer friend who told me to contact Twitter Support by using the link . I filled the form stating the challenge in accessing my restricted account, told them to please help me review it. I filled in my full name, phone number and email address. This is very important.

I consequently received a mail from Twitter Support that ‘Your account appears to have exhibited automated behavior that violates Twitter rules.’

Next stage was that I replied the mail as follows…


  I’ve carefully followed all the listed instructions and I am still unable to log into my account. Anytime I try to verify my phone number, I get a prompt with ‘sorry, the request failed, please try again later’ kindly help look into this, i feel really terrible about this, I’ve attached a screen shot of the prompt I get anytime I click on the send code button. Thanks

Kind Regards,’

I attached the screenshot of the prompt above to the mail. Sadly, I didn’t hear from them again. I thought, ‘maybe Jack dey on lockdown too’.

After few days, I saw my friend(@IamUnclemark)’s tweet about how he retrieved his locked account. I was impressed and I quickly reached out to him. He told me to follow the steps in the link []. I did, only to discover my account has actually been elevated from restriction to suspension. Jesu! My first suspension in 10years.

I tried sending a fresh mail to Twitter Support and this was the reply I got…


We noticed that you currently have an open report about this issue in progress.

We need to complete your open case before you can submit a new one. If we are waiting for any outstanding information from you, please be sure to follow up with us in the open report as soon as possible.

Please do not respond to this email as replies are not monitored.




I knew I had to go back to the initial mail (I did all these on a Laptop). Searched for it and sent this message as reply… (Key – go back to the first mail sent by Twitter, reply it explaining as follows)

‘Hello Twitter Support,

Trust this email finds you well.

My account (@Kinging_David) was formerly locked but now seem suspended. Initially, when I tried verifying my account via Phone Call, when i click “Call me” action bar, it keeps giving me this error ” Sorry, the request failed. Please try again later”, but now it is saying suspended.

Kindly help look into it and unsuspend my account.

My number: [+23470*******]

Attached is a screenshot of the suspension message.[Find below]

Kind Regards,

[Attach full name]’


As advised by my Uncle Mark, I logged out on all platforms (PC and App), waiting for a miracle because all hope seems lost at this time and a miracle looks like the only way out. I checked my account daily through my side account or using the link all to no avail.

Fast forward to precisely 4 days later, a friend hit me up that my account’s suspension has been lifted. I thought he was clowning until he sent me a screenshot.I was literally overjoyed to have my baby back. Although I lost thousands of followers, but I can even get more in no time

Twitter support eventually apologized sending a mail of how sorry they’re for the inconvenience and mix-up.

And as the saying goes… ‘WE MOVE’!!!

Written by Oloyede David



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