Twitter locked account – Sorry, the request failed. Please try again later


Hi, you are here because twitter locked your account and you were unable to verify your account via phone call verification due to this error “Sorry, the request failed. Please try again later”

Well, same thing happened to me (@iamUncleMark) and i was able to unlocked my account after 7 days, and i sincerely hope you can unlocked yours by following these steps.

1. Appeal account locked

Contact Twitter via this link fill the form, with your full name, handle, email and phone number and explain in details the problem you are facing.

2. Reply Twitter Support Auto response

Now check your email for an auto reply from twitter. Reply the email and tell twitter support in details the problem you are facing.

Sample message

Hello Twitter Support,

Trust this email finds you well.

My account is currently locked (@ Twitter Handle). I tried verifying my account via Phone Call, when i click “Call me” action bar, it keeps giving me this error ” Sorry, the request failed. Please try again later”

I think there is an issue with the callback service, kindly look into it and unlock my account.

My number: “Your Mobile number”

Attached is a screenshot of the error message. “Attach screenshots of the error message”



“Your Name”

3. Logout from Twitter

Now log out your account from every device you are logged into.

4. Wait

Wait for 5-7 days from the day you replied Twitter Support.

5. Login again

Now login your account from a device or a web browser you have not used to access your account before.

This is what i did, and when i click on the “Call Me” after 7 days, the call went through, and now i have my account back.

I sincerely hope this works for you. Good Luck.



  1. Thank you Uncle Mark, i was also suspended on Monday, then i sent an appeal and it was resolved on Wednesday, thanks alot for the tips.

  2. 2 Hesabım var aynı telefon numarayı kullandım çözümü varmı hesabı askıdan çıkarabilrmiyim teşekkür ederim

  3. Bro it’s really work ah ? because my account show verify your phone number and it shows sorry your request failed please try again later on 27/5/2020 but I am reply to twitter support evey day my account will be back on 3/6/2020?
    Please reply me bro

  4. Bro I also facing the same problem that you saying above I done you saying above My account locked on wednesday 26/5/2020 I hope my account will unlocked in a week Am I right bro ? Please reply me bro

  5. Verdiğiniz linke tıklıyorum formu doldurmak için hesaba giriş yapmam isteniyor giriş yapınca yine o kutucuklara tıklayıp formu dolduramıyorum

  6. Hi, I’ve submitted multiple appeals since Sunday June 14. I haven’t even received an email back from Twitter yet. Is there anything I can do/follow to try speed up the process of getting my account back? Thanks.

      • It’s been 7 days and I have emailed again & appealed. Do they usually take this long for restricted accounts? My account is restricted bcuz I Got a new number and my old number is attached to my account and no longer in service. So I’m unable to verify. Do you think they will email me back & unlock my account? I never knew of Twitter to take this long for reaching back out to you about appeals.

  7. Hello Uncle Mark! On Tuesday I heard about the verification by phone on Twitter and that same day I appealed. At the moment, I got no response. I saw several users saying that it resolves after 48 hours. You say to wait a few days and send the form again? Of course, thank you very much and you are my guide to solve this issue of an account in which I had more than fourteen thousand followers.

  8. Hello Uncle Mark
    I repeated several times and the message is that you tried a lot, try later
    I have to wait a few hours to be able to try again and call me
    thank you

  9. Hi everyone,
    Twitter locked my account for “automated behaviour” which is not true! Have contacted the support many times.. with no progress
    It’s been over 2 weeks and I’m still without my account. Any recommendation?


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